10-15 Minute Bodyweight Program You Can Do Anywhere (My Personal Training Clients Use This Program)

This is a great program you can do pretty much anywhere, you don't need any equipment and it's perfect if you are away and want to do something but aren't sure what or maybe even how.

But 10-15 Minutes? Is that enough? Try this and then let me know... I do these in my own training with various exercises and by the last set I really am counting down the seconds.

Try the following circuit, no rest in between each exercise but rest after completing 1-5 and repeat as specified below :

1. Alternating Lunges (10 Reps each leg)
2. Pushups (from knees of full body for 10-15 Reps)
3. Body weight Squats (10-15 Reps)
4. Prone Hold/Plank (30 Secs-1 Minute)
5. Supine Hip Raises (10-15 Reps)

Repeat and Rest Periods
Complete 1-5 then rest for 60 seconds
Complete 1-5 then rest for 45 seconds
Complete 1-5 then rest for 30 seconds
Complete 1-5 then rest for 15 seconds (last set is OPTIONAL to start with)

The repetition ranges (Reps) are there for you to progress as you get fitter and stronger. For example, start with the low range ie. 10 Reps, 30 Secs and see how you feel once all sets are completed. Depending on your level of fitness the final set is optional and trust me when I say it does get pretty tough, but go at your own pace and progress appropriately.

You can substitute other exercises if you prefer or make up your own as this format can be expanded to suit any style or body part.

Try YouTube if you need help with technique on any of these and even for similar workouts as there are plenty to choose from. I use it constantly for ideas and my own training.

Any questions, fire them our way and will be interested to hear any feedback/comments when you get around to trying it out.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this circuit and believe that is one of the most effective parts of our PT sessions. The only thing is that I always feel like the supine raisers are a waste of time - can you suggest an alternative exercise or can you suggest a way for me to improve my form so that I'm getting the benefit from this exercise that I'm supposed to?