The Truth On How To Train Your Abs From A Personal Trainer

The Truth About How To Get 6 Pack Abs"Six Pack Abs Revealed" is a straight forward guide from life time natural bodybuilder and highly respected author and trainer Tom Venuto.

"How do I get great abs" or "how to train abs" is still one of the most commonly asked questions in the gym today, and while you may not wish to achieve the level that Tom maintains year round, his information is without doubt some of the best and most truthful you will find anywhere.

His site Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is one of the most popular fitness sites on the web as well as his blog, which we constantly refer to and use for our own training and with personal training clients.

As a personal trainer I hear people asking this question all the time, not just to me directly but to others in the gym and more often than not the advice is incorrect. If you really want to know the truth about abs and how to get a 6 pack then this short guide will get you started in the right direction or help to fix some of the incorrect techniques you may have been using in the past.

It is my experience of many years of training that too many people are doing either too much ab training or doing the wrong exercises to get that highly sought after 6 pack we all want. The abs should be trained just like any other muscle but this can also depend on what you are trying to achieve, which is where most people fail because they are not sure if they want to simply tone and strengthen the core area or really build up the muscle. This is why it's so important to get good advice and you will be hard pressed to find many people out there who really tell it like it is.

This guide is only a short read and you can download it by clicking here. Enjoy and feel free to pass this onto your friends who may also need some similar advice.

I wish you well on your quest for 6 pack abs!

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