Getting An "Elite Body" For Personal Trainers

The Elite BodyJim Katsoulis' is a personal trainers dream resource when you need the best information available from some of the most well known fitness guru's alive. His regular interviews provide great information on the best training tips, nutrition, psychology, motivation and covers the whole spectrum any personal trainer needs to have in their arsenal if they want to be considered a great trainer, and more importantly help their clients achieve their goals.

You need to register to listen but anyone that does will benefit whether you are a personal trainer, someone that goes to a gym, trains outdoors, someone wanting to get into shape but isn't sure where to start, ie. anyone!

Download PDFClick on the Adobe image to the right to download a short ebook in pdf format that comes from a recent guest on his site. The content should give you an idea of the quality of information that is available. Tom Venuto was a guest on his last round of interviews and I among many others consider him to be THE guru when it comes to getting lean and doing it the right way.

Enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment.

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