A Personal Trainers Workout

Just finished a workout and thought why not post my own personal workouts here so you can see what sort of training a personal trainer does.

I am from a bodybuilding background and I love it, but I have changed my workouts a lot lately to incorporate more body weight training, interval training and focusing on eating more whole foods and it has made a huge difference to my body, in terms of shape and overall energy levels. And yes, I would be the first to say that personal trainers don't know everything. In fact we are learning more and more about what works with our bodies all the time, or at least I try to do that so I know what does and doesn't work for my personal training clients.

I still focus on training body parts around once per week but for anyone that doesn't train regularly, my experience tells me an all over approach is a much better option, ie. training the whole body each session.

Here is the workout I did today:

1. Step Ups (using a big step or flat bench) 15 Reps each leg
- set 1 no weight, set 2 12.5 kg dumbbells, set 3 15 kg, and stretch in between sets

The next 3 exercises are done as a tri-set or small circuit with no rest in between. Rest approx. 60 seconds and repeat for 3 sets in total
2. Split Squats (or jumping alternate squats, no weight) 15 Reps each leg
3. Stiff Legged Deadlifts 15 Reps with 15 kg dumbbells
4. Fitball Calf Raises (ball against the wall, 15 kg dumbbells) 20 Reps

5. X-Trainer (choose a reasonably high level) 30 secs easy, 30 secs fast and hard for 10 minutes in total

6. Abs/Core Routine and all these are done for 1 minute as a giant set with no rest for 1 set only (trust me, 1 set is plenty!)
a. Pushup Bridge 1 Minute
b. Prone Hold/Plank 1 Minute
c. Oblique Hold on each side for 1 Minute
d. Straight Arm Oblique Hold on each side for 1 Minute

Stretch and cool down. This should take around 45 minutes at the most. A good way to improve your workouts, and the above is a good example, is to try and improve the over all time it takes to complete, bettering each attempt.

Check out YouTube for any of the techniques or exercises mentioned. I will get to posting them myself so no explanations are required and you can see the full exercise completed safely.

Throw this into your current workout schedule if you like and as always, leave me some feedback and/or comments on how you go.


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