Workout For Personal Training Clients On Holidays

Ok, so this is another version and follows on from my previous 10-15 Minute Workout Post that is for my personal training clients if they are holidays or can't make it to the gym and while I am away on a well earned break. Tassie, here i come!

1. Forward/Backward Lunges (On same leg do 1 in front, 1 to the back) 10 Reps in total each leg
2. Pushups (vary hand positions from wide, normal, hands almost touching) 10-15 Reps
3. Oblique Hold 20-30 seconds on each side
4. Single Leg Supine Hip Raises 10-12 Reps each leg
5. Bridge Hold (pushup start position) 30 seconds

Repeat as per initial post, or you can modify slightly by repeating this circuit, resting for 1 minute and then keep repeating for 10-15 minutes or as long as you have available. 10 minutes of this will give you a short and sharp workout that you can do anywhere!

Also, have a look at a previous post I made on How To Train Your Abs for more information and workout tips on ab training.

More workouts coming soon. Please feel free to send me any requests and/or leave comments.

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