The Most Important Thing Is To "Move"

There are so many different ways to get in shape it would be hard to count and list them all in one article. Regardless of the method, there is one very important component central to even the most sophisticated calorie counting, skin fold testing, drop-set, tri-set, superset based program and that is you must move.

Boxing classes are a great way to get you movingThey don't all have to be in the gym either. This will naturally depend upon your personality and what works for you, but here are just some of the ways you can move:
  • Various gym programs and equipment - body weight, cardio, weights, etc.
  • Boxing/Kick boxing/Martial arts which can be great for teens or those not comfortable in "the gym"
  • Bike riding/BMX
  • Surfing/Windsurfing/Kite boarding/Wake boarding
  • Skateboarding/Roller blading
  • Tennis/Squash or almost any racket sport where you cover some distance
  • Walking/Jogging/Running
This is obviously a very small list but you get the idea.

A very basic and important equation is the "Law of Calorie Balance". In it's simplest of terms this means we must burn (ie. move) more energy (food) than we eat or drink in order to lose or maintain weight. Pretty simple.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that their way of exercising or getting/staying fit is better than your way unless they are a trusted friend or someone with the experience to know better, like a personal trainer or a sports coach. Everyone is different and we all like and respond to different forms of exercise as we do in many other aspects of life.

For the most part exercise is free. There is absolutely no reason why those who are able can't manage to move the one and only body they have been given that they'll have to the very end.

Make sure you look after it!