10 Cardio Exercises That Burn Fat

Here are some other forms of cardio that you can use in your workouts to break up the use of the more traditional "machine based cardio" (treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, rower, etc.). No doubt there are others but these are fairly standard and in my experience, they are (unfortunately) the most heavily used pieces of equipment in most gyms.

1. Step Ups
Have been used in aerobics for years. All you need is an elevated surface, box step, chair, etc. that you can step up and step down off, and you're good to go. It's a great cardio workout that also tones and shapes the legs.

2. Stairs
Are a fabulous cardio routine that can be turned into an interval or repetition exercise. They get the heart rate going and will surely leave your legs feeling like jelly.

3. Hill Running
Is another great workout that not only builds cardiovascular strength but shreds your legs as well.

4. Skipping
Has been used by boxers for years as a cardio workout and gives both the legs and arms a great workout.

5. Cycling
A great low intensity cardio workout that just about everybody can do. You can even spice things up a bit by popping the bike in a higher gear or hitting some hills, there's plenty of things you can do to make your ride more interesting.

6. Sand Running
One of the most challenging cardio workouts but probably one of the best and quickest for building cardiovascular strength.

7. Swimming
Another low-impact cardio workout that also works the entire body. You can do laps, pool running, or just tread water, there all extremely effective.

8. Interval Running/Cardio
Probably the most popular cardio workout and is basically done by choosing a length of time to run for and then resting for that same time or even less. You then repeat this over and over again until you give up or pass out. Take a look at these examples.

9. Suicides
An old gym class drill where you basically mark off a short distance of about 50 metres or less and then sprint from one side of the area to the next. Not only is this a great cardio routine but all the turning around works muscles in your legs that you probably didn't know existed.

10. Jumping Jacks
They never grow old and are a personal trainers favourite exercise to give to their clients because they know they're an extremely effective cardio exercise. Might not win you any points, but they will thank you later.

This all relates to a previous article on just moving in general and you can add to this list with your own favourite exercises. Don't forget, they don't have to be in the gym!