A Personal Trainers Quick And Easy Protein Snack

Have been doing this for the last couple of weeks as it saves a heap of time and you always have a handy source of one of the best sources of protein available and at a very small expense.

Hard Boiled Eggs - A Great Source Of ProteinWhat is it?

Hard boiled eggs!

I do these a dozen at a time and it takes 10-13 minutes in boiling water (vary your time depending on how you like them, and yes, the water must be boiling when you put them in, or else you might end up with something slightly underdone...).

These really are the perfect snack or even as a whole meal, say for breakfast have 2 eggs with sea salt and cracked pepper, with a piece of fruit, a handful or two of raw mixed nuts, bottle of water and you are really starting your day off in seriously good form. The yolks are fine to eat and they contain most of the essential nutrients found in eggs, so don't discard them no matter what anyone says about the fact that they are high in fat. This comes from an old bodybuilding style of nutrition which has its place, but not in the context of this post which is for every day people which is 80%-90% of those in the gym, or with personal trainers.

Nutritional Information For 70g Free Range EggsThe following picture (click to enlarge) is taken from the box, and note that these are 70 gm free range eggs, showing the nutritional information for you calorie conscious people out there.

For those of you that don't follow any type of nutritional plan, maybe now is a good time to start as we only need a certain amount of food, or energy each day, and you know where the rest goes if you don't use it? Fat.

I hope this helps and saves you a heap of time.