The Top 10 Weight Loss Foods That Burn Fat

Quite a lot of personal training clients have been asking for information on nutrition lately, which is great because it is probably the most neglected area of a training program.

As with many other factors in the general fitness world, the amount of information is simply staggering and can be overwhelming to someone looking to make some changes in the way they eat, and more importantly, how much they eat (and drink!).

A recent article by Tom Venuto titled "The Top 10 Weight Loss Foods That Help You Get Six Pack Abs!" (click the link to read the entire article) contains the following food groups and why your diet should consist mostly of these:
  • Top 10 Starchy Carbs and Whole Grains
  • Top 10 Vegetables
  • Top 10 Lean ProteinsFruit and Vegetables Are Essential For Fat Loss
  • Top 10 Fruits
One particularly good point that Tom makes, which is mentioned throughout his very well know Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program, is to zig-zag your carbohydrate intake. Very simply this means to rotate those foods you select based on your training schedule, or when you need the energy the most.

To give an example, lets say your do your strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and you do cardio or some other sport, or whatever it is you enjoy that gets you burning calories on the other days. As a general rule, it would be best to pick foods from the "Top 10 Starchy Carbs and Whole Grains" on your strength training days when you need the energy the most and choose from the "Top 10 Vegetables" on all other days when your need for such energy dense foods is not as great.

It doesn't mean you never eat the starchy carbs on non-training days, but it's a good place to start and to change your way of thinking in terms of how much food does my body need today in relation to what tasks you have planned for the day. If you are working in an office and are sitting down for most of or all of the day, then your energy requirements are going to be much different than if you are "taking the day off" and playing golf, or out jet skiing or a big day at the gym.

Don't forget though, your body needs fuel, just like a car does, to perform at it's best so choosing the majority of your food intake from these lists will put you in a great position to achieve whatever fat loss or muscle building goals you have.