Space Vitamins

Just made a cool post on Space Vitamins which is a super premium multivitamin, proudly Australian made and owned, and one of only 2 supplements that are recommened by Matt O'Neill and Metabolic Jumpstart for general nutrition.

I personally do not take ANYTHING other than a multivitamin and flaxseed oil and as long as you eat well, there is absolutely no need to take anything else. No diet or weight loss pills, no shakes, and no meal replacements. No personal trainers should be promoting this stuff and you really need to ask yourself why if they are. Actually, you should ask yourself why you are wasting your money!

Space Vitamins features vitamin ingredients that are extracted from natural sources and absorbed much more readily than synthetic vitamins used by many of the leading brands.

Why should I take a multivitamin?

Even the healthiest of diets can be lacking and when we exercise, the body needs more essential vitamins and minerals and Space Men's or Women's multi can help to restore depleted levels.

Special offer from Space

Use the coupon code ‘adelaidept‘ to when you visit to “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”.


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