Kickboxing For Fitness

Kickboxing for fitness is a great alternative to traditional gym or cardio workouts, and a serious form of exercise that can burn up to 700 calories per session when performed at high intensity.

One of the main concerns for people when doing any kickboxing classes is of course safety, which is why you need to select the training studio you use very carefully. Try and find one that has no contact and no sparring as if you are looking to lose weight or get into great shape, this is one form of training you should definitely add to your arsenal.

Some major benefits of kick boxing for fitness are:
  • Improve your general fitness
  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning
  • More self confidence
  • Learn basic self defense skills
  • Higher energy burn when performed at high intensity
Adelaide kickboxing studio Fitness Habitat runs kick boxing classes for beginner to advanced level in a safe and encouraging enviroment.

If you are looking for kickboxing classes in Adelaide contact 08 8378 1379.